So long, fair well, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye

A new day, and the world has not fallen into disarray, much. The EU referendum has not caused the world to collapse despite the shocking Brexit vote.

As a strong remain supporter I am sorely disappointed in the decision but I can understand the benefits people see in leaving the union and spending more on the independent running of the country, but the stalling and sudden backtracking on immediate initiation of the Lisbon treaty’s article 50 or NHS funding claims suggests that the politicians are hiding something.

The EU was a floored system anyway handing over too much control and sharing of resources was always going to end in trouble, it’s a lesson that children learn in school, and the world is now listening and more people are jumping on the exit bandwagon. This bares hedance to the report I read predicting the end of the Union by 2026.

Who knows, with claims that the referendum wasn’t legally binding, the  petition for another more representative vote and other countries governments shock at our plans suggest that saying goodbye may be harder then we thought.

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