Finishing First Year

I have just finished my first year of university, officially passed and received all my grades for my modules. I am pleased to say that I have achieved a very comfortable 2:1 which has also shown me where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

I have learnt a lot this year about being self sufficient and the depth of which you are required to teach yourself in order to succeed. The lectures themselves do not even begin to cover the amount of research required for the topics and the marking for examinations is vastly different to what I have experienced before. One thing I really have noticed is how fast time flies; I started my year in the last week of September  and I had finished my exams by the middle of May. That is only eight months of learning not including the pretty long semester breaks, this really made my realise the mistake I had made in not learning my notes and looking into essay questions until it was almost too late which would have ensured the chance for me to receive a first for this year.

Planning for the future is going on; i am looking for some work experience or interning within the public health sector, or even the private pharmaceutical companies. I am spending the summer completing my driving lessons as well as learning more french in an attempt to become fluent. I am also reading into new science advances in pathogens and other healthcare genres. I am enjoying the time until i go back to university in the end of September.

First Year – Done.

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