Missing Microbes – Starting the Story

I have been off from university for a while now and the time off has given me ample opportunity to earn some money, and sleep… i have been sleeping a lot; and with some time on my hands again i have finally reinstated my love of reading. Having started reading a book by Martin Blaser called Missing Microbes it has coincided with the release of the antimicrobial resistance report in the last few weeks detailing how in the next few years action needs to be taken to prevent the medical industry running out of functioning antibiotics.

The book is a perfect accompaniment to understanding the report as it gives the background science in simple terminology so that everyone can understand. The war on antibiotic resistance should be ranked among terrorism in terms of its severity to civilisation and a greater awareness towards the problems and how we as patients in the medical system cause it. A few chapters in i have been really interested in the bacterial infections such as Campylobacter fetus that are mentioned (but as an aspiring epidemiologist that doesn’t surprise me) and am looking forward to reading the rest of it in the next few days.

Missing Microbes by Martin Blaser (Amazon)

Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

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