A week with just the basics… and WiFi

The family and I are spending the week in Centre Parcs Longleat forest; it’s eerily calm here, especially in the evening. When you get away to places like this it makes me realise that I really could live like this. The simple life with not a lot of stuff. Yes okay, I have wifi, but you don’t need a million glasses or plates, or loads of clothes and loads of belongings and I like the peace and quiet and the forest and the trees. Its just a nicer life, and ironically enough the lack of phone signal just makes you feel like you are really out in the sticks, when it is likely just the tree cover blocking the signal.

My aims this week are to use this get away to revitalize myself; finally get myself back into running. I’ve always started but I have been getting really bored of running on roads surrounded by grey, dull houses so I stop and being unmotivated can never really get back out there. I am hoping that with this beautiful scenery outside to really inspire me… but then I look at the huge hill my cabin is sat on top of and I am seriously regretting this idea.

Ironically enough when enjoying the feeling of getting away from normal life, there are people from my sisters schools here too and so a little school get together is happening… and I am thrilled, wrong!

No offense to them cause they are lovely people but I am 19 years old the last thing I want to do is be dragged around with a bunch of 6-9 year olds. Alas I am hoping to send some time away from the family preferably revising and there is a number of Starbucks nearby I can use. The thing that worries me the most is my Biochemistry exam. Mainly cause I know that I really struggle with the Chemistry due to mainly hating the subject. My plan is to do a load of Biochemistry revision this week and get active so that when I go home I can start a really nice spring/summer in a more positive way then I have been recently.

I want to start writing more stories about science in our world and so I am thinking about doing a series of stories about diseases which are rarely perceived as major global issues, but are causing a lot of harm in the world and I hope to get a head start on those whilst I am here in the serine wilderness away from humanity.

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