Slacking Off

I have been slacking off on work recently.

Bad Abigail!

I’ve begun to notice that there is a large pattern in my desire to study… which considering I may have some really important exams at the beginning of April…. I am really screwing myself especially when you take into account the four deadlines due in one the seventh of march.

I have noticed that I am really procrastinating at home and so have begun to set myself a really strict study list to follow; hoping I will actually follow it. Then I can get out of the slump of my rise and fall of willingness to study.

Thats the hardest thing about university, its being left alone with the knowledge that if you don’t do the work you suffer but you have no one to kick you up the backside and encourage you to keep going. I have a few assignments due in in the next few weeks and hopefully I can use the reading week next week to really really really do loads of revision.

My assignments are really interesting so I don’t understand why I am having to force myself into doing them; i’m currently writing one essay/magazine article thing on using micro-organisms such as fungi can help crops grow in environments that are unsuitable, such as extreme droughts. Its really got me intrigued about how we can help developing countries especially after reading about the work of Oxfam in Burkino Faso on farmland irrigation and the problems it had. It just shows that we are doing stuff out in the world to solve major global issues. The company that does this takes a specific fungi that works in droughty conditions and sprays them onto wheat seeds, this causes the wheat to grow in a drought with a 35% greater yield and requires 50% less water and although still inn field testing stage there I not telling what this could do in a few years.

I have another assignment which is an essay on something I believed has changed science. I picked John Snow and the Broad Street Pump. It is basically the founding of the epoch of epidemiology and a really interesting story into how Snow managed to effectively halt the cholera outbreak in a few weeks. Done by simply asking people where they were drinking from (following his hunches about the digestive nature of cholera and therefore that it must be orally consumed) and drawing the first epidemiology map and noticing that it all centered around one pump.

I also have two scientific reports due too… but we don’t want to talk about them cause after the last biochemistry essay and the model data disaster they are the enemy in my life and I wont do them until I have to… later, a lot later.

So, I really need to stop slacking off on the revision; I think the motivation is there I just need a kick start and get myself in gear, just like my driving lessons, but thats a story for another time.

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