Daydreaming is not proactive: a pep-talk to myself

In today’s society it is important to have this all important life plan, especially when it comes what you want to be when you grow up and how you get there. From the day you pick out your GSCE courses, you have to know what you want to be when you grow up, the grades you need to get there and how your going to get there.

Life plans are great, but in reality they are simple day dreams. Life is fluid, it changes day to day and plans have to change accordingly. Take me for example; I went into secondry school wanting to be a forensic scientist, by 15 I realised that I couldn’t help people way I wanted to that way, so I decided I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Then at 16, with grades lower then I needed and terrible time I had in grammar school I realised that Dr House (love that sarcastic humour) is right;

“Everybody Lies”

I wanted to be a doctor but the resounding trust issues I have developed from school (thanks guys) meant that I could never trust what people said, and you have to talk to patients when you diagnose them. It was never going to work. Its this foundation on life that has probably led me to science and maths, what drew me in. Its numbers, no people. No body to tell me whats wrong and if the answers not right there is an error and you have to go find it, no questions to people needed.

So I have decided I want to become an epidemiologist; tracking and studying diseases. It means I can help people get better but rely on data and numbers then diagnosing people when I have really big issues with humanity (such a sociopath).

But as I said earlier, who knows what I will be; I changed life plans three times in three years, because I changed, if you can change so can the plan, its all about flexibility and not necessarily deviating completely but branching out, specialising but not branching off. Trying to live a strict plan is not living, its watching each and every opportunity pass and waving through the bars of your cage.

And so I am writing this to every teenager out there and to myself; to say work hard and aim for those goals, but daydreaming about the future is not proactive, it holds you back. Live fluidly and change plans as you do, work hard but don’t close down if you don’t succeed. Climb the wall or find a way around it, and Abigail, stop staring out the window and do some work… or you will have to change those plans again.

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