University, Course-mates and a Pep Talk

I have come to notice that my university life is passing by quickly and nothing is really being recorded (or done…). It’s for this reason that I started this blog, I wanted to record and encourage myself to expand my horizons; and needed a way to do that, and hey! Its the 21st century what better way to do this then via blogging about it on the internet for the world to see!

So first a bit about me; my name is Abigail, I am 18 years old, just, and I am studying human and medical science and the university of Westminster, London. I don’t live in London but commute from home as I live about 24 mins away by fast train. When I grow up I want to be an Epidemiologist; preferably for an NGO, Public Health England or similar. I am currently half way through my first year, with about 7 weeks until my exams become a reality.

I go to lectures with a really eclectic group of people; a former soldier, a genius with brain cancer and an american exercise obsessive. Its an amazing thing; knowing all these different people, they make the learning experience really interesting and offer a new opinion on the world. I think that having these other people surrounding me has really given me the push to achieve.

There is Andrew, an amazing guy who was diagnosed with an incurable malignant brain tumour, yet had defied the odds. He has not done this via chemotherapy, but by simply changing his diet to a ketogenic diet. He can probably explain it much better then I can, so I have put a link to his blog in here. Andrew really inspires me (don’t tell him I said this) because he hasn’t just sat down and accepted his diagnosis; he battled and fought, and has done amazing things, no matter what. The fact that he can overcome so much, proves to me that I can overcome something as simple as a difficult university degree that i am struggling to motivate myself in.

You have to work hard now, you have to do it yourself, thats the hard bit. You have to decide what you learn and you have to find yourself those career opportunities, and chances in the big wide world of work.

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